ben lipkin

ben lipkin lives and attends school in ny.

ben is pursuing B.A. degrees in cinema studies & media studies at SUNY Purchase, with additional coursework in politics/anthropology/new media, and will graduate in 2023.

ben can be reached at benjamin dot lipkin at purchase dot edu.

I am currently working on a few different topics, but am always eager to get in touch with anybody interested in the following: experimental film, the histogriography of underground/marginal cinema, movie and media piracy, conspiracy cultures, and messianism. If you want to collaborate, or there are resources you would like to share, please get in touch! I am also available for freelance writing on film, music, and culture writ large, and will be production manager at Purchase Televsion (PTV) starting in the Fall.

This summer I am participating in the Virtual Summer Institue at the Jewish Museum, where I work in the curatorial department.





Curation and Film Programming


Dream Diary

in progress

Section VII of Le Voyage from Le Fleurs de Mal by Charles Baudelaire:

Bitter is the knowledge one gains from voyaging!
The world, monotonous and small, today,
Yesterday, tomorrow, always, shows us our image:
An oasis of horror in a desert of ennui!

Must one depart? Remain? If you can stay, remain;
Leave, if you must. One runs, another hides
To elude the vigilant, fatal enemy,
Time! There are, alas! those who rove without respite,

Like the Wandering Jew and like the Apostles,
Whom nothing suffices, neither coach nor vessel,
To flee this infamous retiary; and others
Who know how to kill him without leaving their cribs.

And when at last he sets his foot upon our spine, We can hope and cry out: Forward!
Just as in other times we set out for China,
Our eyes fixed on the open sea, hair in the wind,

We shall embark on the sea of Darkness
With the glad heart of a young traveler.
Do you hear those charming, melancholy voices
Singing: "Come this way! You who wish to eat

The perfumed Lotus! It's here you gather
The miraculous fruits for which your heart hungers;
Come and get drunken with the strange sweetness
Of this eternal afternoon?"

By the familiar accent we know the specter;
Our Pylades yonder stretch out their arms towards us.
"To refresh your heart swim to your Electra!"
Cries she whose knees we kissed in other days.