ben lipkin

ben lipkin is completing degrees in new media & media studies at SUNY Purchase, with additional coursework in anthropology & cinema studies, and will graduate in 2023.

benjamin dot lipkin at purchase dot edu.

I am currently working on a few different topics, but am always eager to get in touch with anybody interested in the following: experimental film, the historiography of underground/marginal cinema, alternative art spaces and economic crisis, conspiracy cultures, and messianism. If you want to collaborate, or there are resources you would like to share, please get in touch! I am also available for freelance writing on film, music, and culture writ large.

I work across museums, galleries, film distribution ++ more.





Curation and Film Programming


Dream Diary

in progress

The Revolution and After from Black Cats Black Jewels (1972) by Kathy Acker:

we are unhappy. continuous gold we lie in prison clouds at waves we killed each other with sharpened knives with ten foot Chinese claws tear at each other’s eyes we know no boundary or depth machetes rip into the intestines giant bars chew up legs guns go off pop jagged bullets rip out sheets of living flesh. our senses are overturned orange red cloths hand down need to move scream need to blast through reality call L. feel sorts of fears. wanting safety imprisons me. death. children is death. I commit arson theft property-rape. I’m unhappy because I’m in prison by myself and other people I overkill rip up bones moist lips I press knives at your throats. master whoever by action decides is master. with ten inch blades motorcycle rust rat-foot bread I slit your throats. have no idea how to halt immanent end of world. know