I also sometimes take part in events that are best described under the banner of "performance": site-specific installations, experimental media events, collaborative dance projects, and projections for live music and/or dance. See excerpted information from some of these below.

Concrete Jungle Wet Dream Tomato (May 14th, 2021).

A multi-media dance performance which took places in the tunnels between the mailroom and the music building at SUNY Purchase. I ran two projections, and also took part as a dancer.

Soundbath Live (July 26th, 2021)

A night of musical performances at the Madison Theatre in Albany, NY. I ran projections and visuals for all performers: Winkies Podcast, Treasure Cove, among others.

Music Booking

At SUNY Purchase I organize shows via Purchase Television & the Media Studies club, from arranging student acts (like in the PTV unplugged series that is available on Youtube), to booking outside performers. Some examples:

10/16/21: Welwyn, Moxie Pocket, and 13 Necklace (photo credit: Eli Barnes)